Fraud Alerts

Current Fraud Scams

Although we are in the process of upgrading your debit card to the new, more secure EMV card beware of scam emails.  Scam artists have been sending out mass emails to consumers claiming to be from legitimate credit card companies and requesting personal information or asking them to click on fraudulent links in order to be issued a new EMV card.

By providing personal information you may have just fallen victim to identity theft.  Alternatively if you clicked on the link your computer may have been infected with malware that can hijack personal information off of your personal computer.

Scammers can make the email look legitimate by including the financial institution’s logo, however you should always check the email of address of the sender.  If it appears from a company unrelated to your credit card issuer, more than likely it’s a scam. The email could also start with a generic salutation such as “Dear Cardholder” rather than using your name.

If you happen to receive an email claiming to be from your credit card issuer and you are unsure about its authenticity, contact your financial institution immediately.